Hampton Elementary School is located in the beautiful town of Hampton, New Brunswick . 

  • The existing playground at Hampton Elementary School is old and in disrepair. It is also totally inaccessible for anyone with mobility challenges. The Home & School Association has been working hard to come up with a new playground design that encourages children to play together in a safe, inclusive and natural environment.

  • Our Goal is to have an inclusive accessible playground for the 2019/2020 school year.    

Our current playground

The current OLD playground at HES is surrounded by a wooden barrier, preventing anyone with limited mobility access.  It has limited areas for inclusive play, and is in need of much repair in order to maintain it's usage.  

HES current ramp
Ramp for wheelchair access can only be used with assistance.
Playground area
Landing area for wheelchair
Our current platform for a wheelchair has limited activities or space and therefore is not used.
Metal bars with paint chipping
Much of the structure has paint chipping and is worn down in high traffic areas.
Inaccessible from school
There is a wooden frame around the current playground preventing access for those with mobility issues.
Wooden frame surrounds playground
The current hillside
This hillside area is used by the children, and should be incorporated as part of the play area.
Chain Link ladder
Chain Link Ladder onto the structure.
Rotting wood areas
Many of the areas of the playground have been damaged.
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New  "proposed" playground

The new proposed playground will feature a new play structure, an accessible zipline and an outdoor classroom all on a fully accessible ground cover.  
We are also looking into other exciting outdoor items such as the Netplex Climber, Global Motion spinner, musical instruments and much more! 

Proposed playground design
proposed playground design
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HES Playground

If you would like to be involved in this school / community fundraising or wish to help the Home & School organization, please contact us.  

Email: hesplayground2019@gmail.com

Phone: 506-832-6021

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HES current ramp

Ramp for wheelchair access can only be used with assistance.